Together we can achieve more.

  • In our community many preteens and teenagers are growing up with little or no structure

  • In our community preteens and teenagers are left to tackle life's issues without mature guidance

  • When lacking structure guidance preteens and teenagers seek to fill This need.  Often, they fill the need with illegal activities that are harmful to them and detrimental to our community

Hello, Potential Partner, I am Herman Tolliver, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Breaking the Cycle Inc., and I need your help.

Breaking the Cycle Inc. of Lake Village, Arkansas in a grassroots effort, will provide a safe environment for our children and their families. Our aim is to motivate parents, young adults, and children, to enrich their lives. Our objective is to present, positive and common knowledge that will enable each participant to improve family and community relationships; by addressing issues that have an adverse effect on the families of our community such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, child and spousal abuse and a plethora of other issues.

Breaking the Cycle will facilitate addressing issues that affect our community negatively, which will improve everyday living and contribute in building valuable relationships that will build up the family and community, and will allow children to express themselves as well as provide insight in school, home, and community issues that will give structure that children need.

This is your opportunity to help Breaking the Cycle to continue moving forward in This effort, by giving a donation of the amount of your choice, to support phase one in providing a safe environment for our children, by providing a facility, that will be located on the north end of Lake Village, Arkansas.  This first phase is projected to cost $70,000 (the majority of construction labor will be by volunteers) .  This facility will be managed by and will be governed by Breaking the Cycle Inc., of Lake Village, Arkansas; with a history of reaching out to and encouraging children in its' community.  Partnering in this effort are  Ministry at Work, and People Helping People Enterprise, also of Lake Village, Arkansas; all with a common desire to help the children of the community.

Your contributing support will help Breaking the Cycle Inc. in its' grassroots effort to aid families in our community with essential tools needed to facilitate positive relationships.  That will improve everyday living for our children and contribute to building up families which will produce a stronger community.

We believe that children and their families should be able to enjoy a safe community free from the temptation of adverse activities.  We also believe that
by creating a safe environment within the community will achieve this goal.
Your donation will be humbly appreciated.

To make an online donation click External link opens in new tab or windowhere

To make a donation by check; make payable to:
Breaking the Cycle Inc.
211 Southside Street
Lake Village, Arkansas 71653
Attn: Herman Tolliver