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March 2011 Breaking the Cycle's Drug Awareness Basketball Tournament


To bring an awareness of the adverse problems that drugs cause to our community.  To present positive motivation that will prevent substance abuse.
There were 29 participants aging from 9 - 18 and 7 community volunteers.

July 7, 2011
Breaking the Cycle Group Session

Young men addressed the question, what are you cultivating?  And discussed: When a young lady comes into your presence, she should leave a better person than she was before she came.  She may try to come on too strong.  Yet when she leaves, she should walk away a lady.  If someone ask her, "What happen to you?" she should be able to say, "I met a man who told me he wouldn't sleep with me or degrade me because he respect me." Cultivate these young ladies.  Don't drag them down, and don't let them drag you down.  A young woman shouldn't leave your presence pregnant.  She should leave with her dignity and her virginity.  Give these young women some good soil.  That's being a real man.
Exert From Dr. Myles Monroe' 365 Day Devotional On Relationship.

August 13, 2011
Breaking the Cycle Group Session

This session on money management was informative. Participant was encouraged to plan for their future finances, they was introduced to the 10 10 80 Rule. Also they were introduced to the word paradigm; how it affects how and why we do what we do.  Mr. Charles Tolliver, a presenter for the session has a wealth of knowledge on personal money management and can be reached at: 1-404-375-3408

September 17, 2011
Community Outreach
Site: Henry Agustus Park
Lake Village, Arkansas

Over fifty children were there and received snacks that were given out as recorded gospel was played.  We had 6 volunteers and had great interactions with the kids, an old school verse young school basketball game was played, we where a little slower then them.  Our Theme: who your neighbor is.  Businesses that contributed to the event: Wayne Edwards Auto, James Electronic, True Value of Lake Village, Barton of Lake Village and Yees Food Land. And we want to give special thanks to Mr. Gerald Armour for providing our music and all who donated and or contributed to this event.


December 10, 2011
Breaking the Cycle Group Session

This session was own each individual.  We read from a book World War Me.  We were encourage to take a look at what we are about.  Mr. Vincent Shaw facilitated this great session.


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